Hadassah — Creating Quality Content At Low Costs

Let’s be honest, artists tend to overthink content. The word “quality” often gets confused with “expensive,” but it’s been proven that quality content can be made for relatively cheap, and even sometimes free. 

Using this approach in combination with the right targeting here at ContraBrand we have been able to build fan engagement and community for emerging neo-soul singer/songwriter Hadassah to achieve these incredible results in the space of just two months:

You’re probably wondering how we achieved this and whether we really did this off the back of producing low-budget, organic content? Well here’s the proof:

We were brought on board initially with the aim of strengthening Hadassah’s core fan base as well as building on it. We set about doing this by promoting her single “My Funny Valentine” and decided on an initial strategy to launch a targeted influencer posts campaign to expose Hadassah to a new, engaged, and vibrant fanbase. 

Using this video initially, we hit an audience of over 4.1 million and generated over 700k views on Instagram. Using YouTube and Instagram ads, we were also able to expose her to an additional niche audience of 500k. 

Hailing from Long Island, New York, Hadassah’s music delivers an experiential story fusing jazz, soul, and R&B on a minimalistic backdrop. With this in mind, we reached out to potential new fans by building an audience profile targeting black women aged 16-34 who are interested in black media, hair, love, jazz, blues and R&B music. We also tailored this audience profile further by targeting fans of similar artists such as Ari Lennox, Mereba, Baby Rose, Solange, Nao and Snoh Alegra.

In addition to this, we developed an idea for Hadassah to hold a contest for her fans, with the prize being a Zoom call with her, during which she’d show the winners an unreleased track. We then edited the footage and used it as material to promote the single.

While running the “My Funny Valentine” campaign we noticed that a video Hadassah had posted of her singing a snippet from an unreleased track had started to go viral within her community. 

The video was nothing fancy in terms of its production, just Hadassah singing directly to the camera using the tear effect on TikTok but it felt raw and intimate, resonating with her fans. The caption also played a significant role in the video’s success, opening up to her fans while encouraging them to also be strong and know their worth.

Given the initial traction of the video, we tested the waters outside her fanbase through running ads as well as securing a few shoutouts. From there, her growth exploded. We pivoted away from the “My Funny Valentine” video as the primary growth content to using this video instead. 

One of the main reasons this ad was such a success was due to the fact that it didn’t look like an ad at all. It was shot on a phone selfie camera and looks like an organic post, not a super glossy over-produced music promo ad.

Given the viral success of the clip, Hadassah received a high demand from her fans to turn the clip into a full song. Five weeks later that clip became a fully-fledged single — “Still” and Hadassah is continuing to grow in her career through new opportunities as well as building her fan base.

It just goes to show as we’ve proven time and time again — creative content will always shine through with the right targeting, no matter the production cost. 

Published by ContraBrand Agency

ContraBrand is a music-first marketing agency that connects brands to culture through social media. Our goal is simple. We help artists, labels and brands achieve business goals through custom marketing and branding strategies. Promotion and creative direction is simply a part of how we get that done.

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